a director of a residential conference centre

You never know quite know….

You never know quite know what the people who visit you today, will be doing in the future… and where the person booking your next piece of business has been in the past!

It’s important to remember that everyone you come into contact with - could one day be buying something from you in the future. For example we have, in the past, had many ex delegates remember us years later when thinking of a potential wedding venue or Christmas party.  

However, in our core business as a residential conference venue, I have the following recent example to share, which kind of illustrates this point very clearly; a new potential client was being shown around the site and having lunch with one of our sales team and she commented that it was nice that we now do hot food!

Curious as to how she had formed the impression that we only served sandwiches despite being a privately owned and operated conference centre for over 40 years with a huge emphasis on our delicious home made cuisine, our sales person queried this information and was told that when she had come to a one day training event 5 years ago, she was only offered sandwiches. When she’d asked if anything more was available she was told by the event booker that this was all we did for lunch. It seems the training event she was on was a budget health & safety event that had charged their clients a certain rate but then asked us to drop the price to accommodate their low budget - ever trying to please, we had obliged. 

Onwards and upwards our future booker went in her career until one day she found herself in charge of venue reservations for training courses in a large organisation. Happily we were able to persuade her to come and see our venue and she professed herself to be impressed with our hot and cold cuisine! In fact, seeing our large banqueting room and convenient adjoining kitchen, she even joked with our salesperson that it must be very handy for getting all those sandwiches out to the waiting wedding and function guests!

  • 24 October 2012
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